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TK-Team is Your expert in acoustic products, writing and notice boards and interactive touch screens. Our high-
quality products create a comfortable acoustic environment and they can be used to improve visual  presentations.
We are known for our strong, durable, high-quality and effective products as well as our reliable installation services.
We will incorporate your plan starting with the design and manufacture of the products and ranging all the way
to production selection and installation. Our products are suitable for corporate and professional use, public
facilities, schools and nurseries. We want to understand the possibilities and requirements of your space,
in addition to the people using it. We always offer the best suited overall solution for your site, without forgetting
to consider installation.

TK-Team Oy Ab is a Finnish company established in 1972. Since then, it has operated as an industry pioneer and
expert in acoustic and visual presentation solutions. We operate in over 20 countries through our subsidiaries and distributors,
in addition to our own company. Since 1998, we have had a factory in Estonia. We established our subsidiary in Great Britain,
TK-Team Ltd, in 2007. We currently employ 45 people.

With our years of experience, we understand the needs of our customers and our expertise ensures the high
quality of our products and a strong market position in the countries we operate in.