Glass writing boards create a special atmosphere with their high quality, style, design and colours. The colour is added to our products by enamelling it to the surface of the glass, which ensures the colour adheres to the surface and that the glass board can be securely mounted to the wall. Our glass boards are always tempered, CE-marked European safety glass and their corners have been rounded to improve safety. The BS 6262-4 marking and ability to lock the mounting into place ensure the product can be used safely in public settings. You are able to select a suitable colour from our range of 23 standard colours. Additional colour options are available using the entire RAL colour map. You can write and draw on the glass board surface using regular whiteboard pencils and erasers.

The 4 mm glass boards can also hold magnets, which allows you to also use them as notice boards. The magnets are Neo magnets specifically designed to be used with the product. The 6 mm glass boards can be made especially large and they are used especially with large implementations, such as solutions that cover the entire wall. Both glass board thicknesses can be manufactured as round or other special shapes according to the dimensions you require. In addition to the glass boards mounted on walls, our range also includes mobile alternatives.