We offer a wide range of projection screens at different price points for different purposes. Our standard projection screens are of excellent quality for the price and they are suitable for most needs. If you would like the Flagship of projection screens, however, your choice is going to be the Da-Lite, which is made in the United States. Both electric and manual projection screens are available.

Instead of projection screens, you can also use fixed projection surfaces with the projector. WetWipe is a completely matt projection surface, which can be used like a screen and also as an occasional writing surface when needed. WriteScreen, in turn, is the real all-rounder of projection surfaces. It gives your visual presentations the capability of using the board as a writing surface without losing the projection characteristics of a projection screen. The WriteScreen is designed for use with short-throw projectors. To complete the solution, all of your projection surfaces can be tailored to the exact dimensions you require.