WRITING BOARDS I Ceramic steel e3 e3

The enamel steel e3-surface we use is hard as granite and we issue it a lifetime warranty. Our products are manufactured in Europe and only using European materials. The enamel steel writing board is suitable for rooms where durability, usability and hygiene are especially important. The surface of the writing board can be dry-wiped and is easy to clean and it can withstand disinfectants. 99% of the materials of the surface are recyclable, which has led to the Cradle-to-Cradle Bronze certificate being issued for the steel enamel surface. There are several different size, colour and trimming options available for the white boards. In addition, we manufacture tailored sizes according to the exact dimensions you need. We specialise in larger writing surfaces, even up to full-wall solutions. We can also manufacture white boards with unconventional dimensions using laser cutting.



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