Hush Felt Notice Board

Hush Felt Notice board is made of felt material. The edges are painted black. The board is fixed to the wall with a concealed fixings so that it is tight to the wall surface.
Hush Felt is rich in a variety of colors, and the product is odorless and non-allergenic. 



Hush Light Acoustic Panel

The panel is made of 55 mm  Basotect® melamine resin foam which is used in the aerospace and automotive industries for its lightweight, fire safety and  A class a sound insulation properties. The substraight is 6 mm MDF board. The panel is fixed to the wall or ceiling with concealed brackets. Hush Light Acoustic panel is upholstered with Camira Cara fabric with different color options. Camira Cara fabric is ideal for sound absorbing boards.

Basotect® is a German quality product, sound-absorbing, very lightweight material, flame resistance – without the addition of flame retardants. Read more.


Camira Cara


Enamel steel e3

The e3 CeramicSteel surface we use is hard as granite and we issue it a lifetime warranty. The enamel steel writing board are suitable for rooms where durability, usability and hygiene are especially important. The surface of the whiteboard is dry-wipeable and easy to clean. It is also anti-bacterial, which allows it to be used in hospitals, for example. 99% of the materials of the surface are recyclable, which has led to the Cradle-to-Cradle Bronze certificate being issued for the steel enamel surface.  

Enamel steel colours




Our glass is sourced from Europe. The colour is added to our products by enamelling it to the surface of the glass, which ensures the colour adheres to the surface and that the glass board can be securely mounted to the wall. Our glass boards are always tempered, CE-marked European safety glass and their edges have been rounded to improve safety. The ability to lock the mounting of the glass board into place ensures the product can be safely used in public sites, as demonstrated by the BS 6262-4 marking issued in accordance with the UK standard.

Also available in other colors, the color can be selected from the RAL Classic color chart. Only 4-color colors are not suitable for glass boards because they contain heavy metals.

Glass      RAL colours


100% Max Cotton fabric

The standard fabric for notice and acoustic boards is the high-quality, 100 % Max Cotton fabric. It has been woven using only the best natural materials and designed especially for boards and upholstering furniture. The notice board made of the fabric holds an M1 indoor air certificate and the fabric can been approved in the fire safety test conducted in accordance with EU standards. 25 colour options of the Max Cotton fabric are available.

  Max Cotton Colours

Max Cotton colour numbers



Our linen boards has M1 indoor air rating certified.



The fibreboard we use is E1-certified.

Bulletin Board

The Bulletin Board is made of renewable materials. The mixture of fermented linseed oil, resin, cork and pigments gives the product its distinctive flexibility and resilience. Due to these properties, the product is highly sustainable and ecological.
As the Bulletin Board is strong, durable and flexible, it does not crumble or deteriorate like traditional materials, such as cork or porous fibreboard.

The Bulletin Board has anti-bacterial growth properties and the board does not collect dust, which allows it to be kept clean with ease. These properties make it a practical option for classrooms where drawings and notices are replaced almost every day. Due to its anti-bacterial characteristics, the product is also suitable for healthcare applications. 

Forbo colours


Our Ecophon acoustic panels are made using Ecophon acoustic materials and TK-Team’s unique trimming. Images can be printed on the Ecophon surface. Ecophon panels have been issued the Nordic Swan and they are fully recyclable. The product holds the following certificates: M1 indoor air rating, The Indoor Climate Label, and Astma och Allergi Förbundet.

Texona colours

Colour option Super G

Super G

M1 Allergia- ja astmaliittoceeuce


Hush Acoustic Panels

Hush acoustic panels use a sound insulation panel with M1-certification. The panel is upholstered with high-quality Max Cotton fabric, which has been approved in a fire safety test conducted in accordance with EU standards. Upon special request, it is also possible for the customer to specify their own fabric.

Max Cotton

Max Cotton