TK-Team Pro WetWipe
TK-Team Pro WetWipe

PRO WetWipe

One product, two uses

The WetWipe Pro projection surface can also be used as a 'wet-erase' writing surface is a space-saving choice.  It is recommended that a high-quality ceramic matt white e3 surface be cleaned during the same day with a wet wiper when it is written with standard board marker pens. The writing surface has a lifetime warranty.
The product is finished using Pro aluminium trimming with matching plastic corners. Pro WetWipe is mounted through the holes in the trim with a screw on the wall to ensure a firm and durable attachment. The trimming can be cut to exact mitre angles which can be painted with the desired RAL Classic colour chart colours. 

Pro WetWipe is suited for use with both ceiling and wall-mounted projectors. Our range includes several different sizes and aspect ratios.